Crimping Tool with Test Tool

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Crimping Tool + Tester Rj45

- [4 in 1 Intergration] Crimp Tool, Strip Tool, Wire Cut Tool and Cable Tester are integrated in one tool
- Testing for both UTP and STP cables
- Testing cable for continuity, opens, shorts, mis-wires
- Pin to pin indication
- Dual-model test function: single and continuous test
- Auto power saving / Low power indicator
- Single and multi-wired cable crimping
- Modular crimping plugs: 8P8C (RJ45), 6P6C (RJ12), 6P4C (RJ11)
- Integrated cable stripper and cutter
- Crimping tool and cable tester in one
- Detachable cable tester
- BatteryDC 4.5V (LR-44 x 3pcs)

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