Optical Power Meter AMG

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Optical Power Meter AMG Alat Pengukur Daya Fiber Optic.

Product description
- Self calibration
- Apply replaceable or rechargeable batteries
- More than 40 hours continuous working time
- Linear Display and Logarithmic display show on the same screen
- Support FC/SC/ST interface and quick switch
- Auto switch
- Backlight available
Probe Type: InGaAs
Wavelength Range: 800~1700
Standard Wavelength: 850/980/1300/1310/1490/1550/1625
Display Resolution: Linear Display 0.1%; Logarithmic display 0.01dB
Working Temp(℃): -10~+60℃
Storage Temp(℃): -25~+70℃
Auto Switch-off Time(min): 10min
Battery working period: no less than 40 hours
Power: 2x AA rechargeable lithium battery or Alkaline batteries (NOT included)

Package include
1 x optical power meter
1x FC adapter (installed on the host)
1x SC adapter

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